Repeal Closed Primaries

This spring, Pennsylvania's voters will head to the polls for the Commonwealth's primary elections.

But not everyone is included in this process. That’s because primaries are closed in Pennsylvania.  More than 1.1 million taxpaying Independents are denied their right to vote in these elections, despite paying their share of $20 million a year to fund them.

It’s time to #RepealClosedPrimaries. That’s why Ballot PA has created a petition of our own - and anyone can sign it.

74% of Pennsylvanians support repealing closed primaries - including strong majorities of Independents, Democrats, and Republicans.

Repealing closed primaries would guarantee a more fair process, increase the competitiveness of races, and help limit the amount of extremism and gridlock on both sides.

It is time to #RepealClosedPrimaries and allow every legally registered voter to cast a ballot in PA’s primary. 

Legislators across the Commonwealth can change this unfair election practice by acting now to ensure voters their right to vote in PA primaries. 

Representation for all taxpayers is critical to voting and no political party stands to gain more than the other, with registered Independent voters split evenly in their choice of candidates. Instead, what we truly gain by repealing closed primaries is a fairer democracy.

Join the overwhelming majority of PA voters in favor of ending closed primaries in PA –  #RepealClosedPrimaries now.


Ballot PA is a project of the Committee of Seventy and is a growing coalition of civic, community and business organizations committed to ensuring independents in Pennsylvania have the right to vote in primary elections.


Who's signing

manuel Uribe
Jessica Bady
Gina Kaiser
Helen Wilson
Diana Krantz
Beth Lapp
Joan Martini
Sara Steele
Stacey Mulholland
Eileen Mullen
Marlene Santoyo
Linda Harrison
Caleila Burrell
Dorothy Hallam
Alexander Ortiz
Marcus Silva
Sarah Becker
Linda McPherson
Richard McPherson
John Hale
Kelly Roberts
Donna Carswell
Jacob McCrea
Stacy Monaco
Lauren Demascolo
John Franz,
Gary Lowe
John Anthony
Patricia Toy
Jacqueline Moore
2,781 signatures

Will you sign?

  • manuel Uribe
    signed via 2023-02-13 07:52:29 -0500
  • Jessica Bady
    signed 2023-02-13 06:49:46 -0500
  • Gina Kaiser
    signed 2023-02-12 08:13:42 -0500
  • Helen Wilson
    signed 2023-02-11 23:35:15 -0500
  • Diana Krantz
    signed 2023-02-11 20:31:42 -0500
  • Beth Lapp
    signed 2023-02-11 19:37:34 -0500
  • Joan Martini
    signed 2023-02-11 16:09:02 -0500
  • Sara Steele
    signed 2023-02-11 15:15:54 -0500
  • Stacey Mulholland
    signed 2023-02-11 13:56:57 -0500
    I used to feel strongly that the party members should pick their candidates. In the last few elections, it’s obvious the party fringes are electing candidates. In the recent R US Senate primary, I didn’t want any of the candidates. Candidates continue to play to the fringes during the primaries and move to the middle for the general. Open primaries would allow candidates to play to the middle and get the attention of the heart of the party. We need to change something.
  • Eileen Mullen
    signed 2023-02-11 13:28:02 -0500
  • Marlene Santoyo
    signed 2023-02-11 13:15:31 -0500
    Am glad to support this action.
  • Linda Harrison
    signed 2023-02-11 12:34:43 -0500
  • Caleila Burrell
    signed 2023-02-09 07:29:29 -0500
  • Dorothy Hallam
    signed via 2023-02-08 13:35:44 -0500
  • Alexander Ortiz
    signed 2023-02-07 22:49:26 -0500
  • Marcus Silva
    signed via 2023-02-06 21:36:43 -0500
  • Sarah Becker
    signed 2023-02-06 16:37:02 -0500
  • Linda McPherson
    signed via 2023-02-06 13:28:10 -0500
  • Richard McPherson
    signed 2023-02-06 12:56:22 -0500
  • John Hale
    signed via 2023-02-06 08:10:52 -0500
    We Have to put an End to this 2 party control over our elections. I say vote for Independents Only!
  • Kelly Roberts
    signed via 2023-02-04 17:39:14 -0500
  • Donna Carswell
    signed 2023-02-02 22:35:06 -0500
    The more people participate in our government by voting, the more engaged and interested—and hopefully empowered—we all become.
  • Jacob McCrea
    signed 2023-02-01 00:32:45 -0500
  • Stacy Monaco
    signed 2023-01-31 19:29:40 -0500
  • Lauren Demascolo
    signed via 2023-01-30 06:56:18 -0500
  • John Franz,
    signed 2023-01-29 22:12:16 -0500
  • Gary Lowe
    signed 2023-01-29 14:29:29 -0500
  • John Anthony
    signed 2023-01-29 08:18:53 -0500
  • Patricia Toy
    signed 2023-01-29 07:22:23 -0500
  • Jacqueline Moore
    signed 2023-01-29 05:24:15 -0500