Repeal Closed Primaries

Join the overwhelming majority of PA voters who favor repealing closed primaries.

Every spring, Pennsylvania's voters head to the polls for the Commonwealth's primary elections.

But not everyone is included in this process. That’s because primaries are closed in Pennsylvania.  More than 1.1 million taxpaying independent voters are denied their right to vote in these elections, despite paying their share of $75 million a year to fund them.

It’s time to #RepealClosedPrimaries and allow every legally registered voter to cast a ballot in PA’s primary.

74% of Pennsylvanians support repealing closed primaries - including strong majorities of independents, Democrats, and Republicans.

Repealing closed primaries would guarantee a more fair process, increase the competitiveness of races, and help limit the amount of extremism and gridlock on both sides.


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Ballot PA is a growing coalition bringing together thousands of Pennsylvania voters, veterans, young adults, businesses, and civic organizations to fight for independents' right to vote in primary elections.


Who's signing

Timothy Tieperman
Chris Fralic
Irma Fralic
Earl Houseknecht
Katie Littleton
Michael Barney
Sarah Siebach
Lynn McGovern
Jerilynn McGovern
Donald J. Trump
Victor Penman
Rebecca Penman
Anne Hickok
Debra Kanefsky
Andrew Houchins
Erin Gasperi
David King
Carol VanDoran
Paul M
Jim Rhoades Jr.
Christine Gephart
Shelley Gagnon
Casey Threatte
James Threatte
Nathanael Schmolze
Gavin O'Reilly
beth Cook
James Henry
William Johnson
M Theys
4,257 signatures

Will you sign?

  • Timothy Tieperman
    signed 2024-04-16 20:24:12 -0400
  • Chris Fralic
    signed 2024-04-16 18:19:12 -0400
  • Irma Fralic
    signed 2024-04-16 17:15:57 -0400
  • Earl Houseknecht
    signed 2024-04-16 15:34:42 -0400
  • Katie Littleton
    signed 2024-04-16 13:38:58 -0400
  • Michael Barney
    signed 2024-04-15 22:02:28 -0400
  • Sarah Siebach
    signed 2024-04-15 14:36:45 -0400
  • Lynn McGovern
    signed 2024-04-15 11:40:30 -0400
    Closed primaries deny many voters from participating in a fair voting process. It is time to give every registered voter the right to participate in primary elections.
  • Jerilynn McGovern
    signed 2024-04-15 09:35:30 -0400
    Please, let’s repeal closed primaries so all citizens who are registered to vote have the opportunity to have input into who will be selected as candidates.
  • Donald J. Trump
    signed 2024-04-14 09:23:57 -0400
    Shutting down the federal government shutdown to slow the spread of the virus and stopping the virus spread of COVID/Monkeypox and Omicron Variants. Let’s End COVID-19 Pandemic once for all, let’s Make America Great Again, Let’s keep school safe and stay open until control the spread of the newer variants and new lockdown to slow the spread down of the COVID-19 cases are now highly transmission numbers are now level high this week, Let’s Shut down all borders, air travel, indoor & outdoor venues, restaurants, nightclubs & bars, sports & spectators and other services and venues.
  • Victor Penman
    signed 2024-04-13 16:47:52 -0400
  • Rebecca Penman
    signed 2024-04-13 16:44:00 -0400
  • Anne Hickok
    signed 2024-04-13 09:38:23 -0400
  • Debra Kanefsky
    signed 2024-04-12 12:51:39 -0400
  • Andrew Houchins
    signed 2024-04-11 19:44:58 -0400
  • Erin Gasperi
    signed 2024-04-11 18:18:49 -0400
  • David King
    signed 2024-04-11 12:35:14 -0400
  • Carol VanDoran
    signed 2024-04-10 13:29:24 -0400
    Everyone who is eligible to vote should have the right to vote in primary elections. This should be a national law, not left up to each individual state.
  • Paul M
    signed 2024-04-10 11:28:37 -0400
  • Jim Rhoades Jr.
    signed 2024-04-10 08:09:06 -0400
  • Christine Gephart
    signed 2024-04-07 09:05:27 -0400
  • Shelley Gagnon
    signed 2024-04-06 23:15:54 -0400
  • Casey Threatte
    signed via 2024-04-04 17:41:12 -0400
  • James Threatte
    signed 2024-04-04 15:50:38 -0400
    This Independent Vietnam-Era Vet wants to vote in the PA primaries!
  • Nathanael Schmolze
    signed 2024-04-03 14:18:21 -0400
  • Gavin O'Reilly
    signed 2024-04-03 10:28:56 -0400
    I’m 26 years old. The rigidity and learned helplessness of the two-party system has crippled my generation’s interest and agency in civic participation. It’s time to undo the damage, one step at a time. This is a good place to start.
  • beth Cook
    signed 2024-04-03 08:17:59 -0400
  • James Henry
    signed 2024-04-02 13:03:09 -0400
  • William Johnson
    signed 2024-03-29 14:05:28 -0400
  • M Theys
    signed 2024-03-28 08:50:18 -0400