Repeal Closed Primaries

Join the overwhelming majority of PA voters who favor repealing closed primaries.

Every spring, Pennsylvania's voters head to the polls for the Commonwealth's primary elections.

But not everyone is included in this process. That’s because primaries are closed in Pennsylvania.  More than 1.1 million taxpaying independent voters are denied their right to vote in these elections, despite paying their share of $75 million a year to fund them.

It’s time to #RepealClosedPrimaries and allow every legally registered voter to cast a ballot in PA’s primary.

74% of Pennsylvanians support repealing closed primaries - including strong majorities of independents, Democrats, and Republicans.

Repealing closed primaries would guarantee a more fair process, increase the competitiveness of races, and help limit the amount of extremism and gridlock on both sides.


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Ballot PA is a growing coalition bringing together thousands of Pennsylvania voters, veterans, young adults, businesses, and civic organizations to fight for independents' right to vote in primary elections.


Who's signing

Conrad Myler
Dorothy Hall
Lisa Smith
Patricia Rooney
Daniel King
Ryan Spurlock
james rauch
Russell Horn
Cristen Fiorani
Karen Gal-Or
Carol Tileston
Jose Sanchez
Karen Kapfhammer
Christopher Omiros
Stephen Shillingford
Josie Thompson
John Cornwell
Preeti Pathak
Denise Pettit
Dominic Costanzo
Caitlin Dunne
Richard Ilie
Linda Conley Soffer
John Smelko
Albert Boorady
Joseph Roberts
Susan Haberman
MaryEllen Magoc
Gregory Mokrzycki
4,279 signatures

Will you sign?

  • Conrad Myler
    signed 2024-05-05 20:01:23 -0400
    As an indépendant voter, I do my best to go into every election informed of the individual candidates, their qualifications, and their positions. I have voted for Democrats and Republicans. I have written in candidates, and I almost always split my ticket. I wish I had the opportunity to participate in the democratic process of selecting representatives before we were down to the last two candidates, too often selected from their respective parties’ extremes.
  • Dorothy Hall
    signed via 2024-05-03 19:27:44 -0400
    I am a Democrat and support this !
  • Lisa Smith
    signed 2024-04-27 21:02:54 -0400
  • Patricia Rooney
    signed 2024-04-27 08:34:21 -0400
    The 2024 primary in Lancaster County was an expensive embarrassment, with one poll hosting only 3 voters all day. Since taxpayers are paying for this, shouldn’t they be able to say whether or not they want primaries open to ALL voters?
  • Daniel King
    signed 2024-04-26 15:34:48 -0400
  • Ryan Spurlock
    signed 2024-04-26 13:33:22 -0400
    Independents shouldn’t have an extra vote and have a say in both, but a choice to participate in whichever one they choose.
  • james rauch
    signed 2024-04-25 17:49:16 -0400
    By having closed primaries Pa. is keeping people from their right to vote. Why has this not been changed?
  • Russell Horn
    signed 2024-04-25 15:14:31 -0400
  • Cristen Fiorani
    signed 2024-04-25 11:08:59 -0400
  • Karen Gal-Or
    signed 2024-04-23 20:38:22 -0400
  • Carol Tileston
    signed 2024-04-23 13:24:19 -0400
  • Jose Sanchez
    signed 2024-04-23 12:33:23 -0400
    I went to go vote in Philadelphia PA and they told me that I cannot vote for state election unless I choose a party cuz I’m independent. And that’s taking away my rights to vote for either party that’s what independent means. I just can’t believe how elections has changed so much we don’t choose any more they choose for us if you’re a party that’s the party they’re going to pull up on the screen. That’s exactly what the lady told me so if you’re a Democrat only Democrat will pop up if you’re Republican or only Republican balance or pop up and that makes no sense we’re American people and we have the right to vote whether we’re Democrats Republican or independent. This is sick and controls of voters!!!!!!!
  • Karen Kapfhammer
    signed 2024-04-23 12:16:23 -0400
  • Christopher Omiros
    signed 2024-04-23 11:34:26 -0400
  • Stephen Shillingford
    signed 2024-04-23 11:06:33 -0400
  • Emma
    signed 2024-04-23 10:55:30 -0400
  • Josie Thompson
    signed 2024-04-23 10:26:05 -0400
  • John Cornwell
    signed 2024-04-23 09:54:55 -0400
  • Preeti Pathak
    signed 2024-04-23 09:48:15 -0400
  • Denise Pettit
    signed via 2024-04-23 08:44:20 -0400
    Denise Pettit
  • Dominic Costanzo
    signed 2024-04-23 08:38:16 -0400
    I love The United States and Pennsylvania, but give me a voice in every election please! Why is that not my right? End closed primaries!
  • Caitlin Dunne
    signed 2024-04-23 08:04:04 -0400
  • Richard Ilie
    signed 2024-04-23 08:00:10 -0400
    Closed primaries ensure that we only get radicalized hyperpartisan candidates for elections, who will only commit to serve and speak on behalf of the most ardent followers of their respective parties. In a country falling deeper and deeper into division along party lines, closed primaries only serve to push more hate and division between Democrats and Republicans.

    Repeal the system or we’ll continue to see the very worst our populace has to offer for our political candidates.
  • Linda Conley Soffer
    signed 2024-04-23 06:45:36 -0400
  • John Smelko
    signed 2024-04-23 06:03:19 -0400
    This is so unjust
  • Albert Boorady
    signed via 2024-04-22 21:37:11 -0400
  • Joseph Roberts
    signed 2024-04-22 20:46:30 -0400
  • Susan Haberman
    signed 2024-04-22 17:19:37 -0400
  • MaryEllen Magoc
    signed 2024-04-22 15:46:09 -0400
  • Gregory Mokrzycki
    signed 2024-04-22 14:30:33 -0400